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EIA All Weather Alpha Partners is a quantitative hedge fund that invests in undervalued securities with a high return proposition. We utilize a proprietary analytics platform to identify opportunities and evaluate when to buy and sell stocks. Below are a few of the awards given to us by Preqin, the foremost provider of data, analytics, and insights to the alternative assets community.


2019 Awards

#1 Net Returns of Top Performing Relative Value Strategies Hedge Funds in 2019

#3 Net Returns of 2017-Inception Hedge Funds in 2019

#4 Net Returns of Top Performing Volatility Trading Hedge Funds in 2019

#5 Net Returns of Top Performing Hedge Funds in 2019 with Less than $100mn in AUM

#8 Net Returns of Top Performing North America-Based Hedge Funds in 2019

#16 Net Returns of Top Performing Hedge Funds in 2019


2017-19 Awards

#1 Net Returns of Top Performing Relative Value Strategies Hedge Funds in 2019

#1 Net Returns of Top Performing Relative Value Strategies Hedge Funds, Jan. 2017 – Dec. 2019

#1 Net Returns of Top Performing Volatility Trading Hedge Funds, Jan. 2017 – Dec. 2019

#1 Net Returns of Top Performing Hedge Funds with Less than $100mn in AUM, Jan 2017 – Dec. 2019

#2 Net Returns of Top Performing North America-Based Hedge Funds, Jan. 2017 – Dec. 2019

#3 Net Returns of Top Performing Hedge Funds, Jan. 2017 – Dec. 2019


2017 Preqin Awards

#1 in Net Returns for Preqin’s Top Performing Relative Value Strategies Hedge Funds in 2017

#1 in Net Returns for Preqin’s Top Performing Volatility Trading Hedge Funds in 2017

#1 Net Returns for Preqin’s Top Performing Systematic Hedge Funds in 2017

Alpha sources are based on in‐depth understanding of fundamental elements that drive a company’s growth trajectory.


We believe that systematically evaluating a company’s underlying strength and intrinsic worth is best accomplished using quantitative techniques.

We focus on automating the analysis of information from both traditional and unconventional sources to identify opportunities that arise from mispriced fundamentals.


We believe quantitative tools can better analyze vast amounts of data with greater speed to form a more comprehensive picture of a company’s growth prospects.

We diversify our portfolios based on the time horizon of our investments and their associated risk factors.


We believe diversifying our portfolio is critical to minimizing risk and sustaining alpha in all market environments.

GLM Analytics: Our Quantitative Model

GLM Analytics is our proprietary research system that guides buying and selling decisions for our portfolios. It utilizes cutting edge machine-learning algorithms to analyze large volumes of data.  This platform enables us to take a deeply informed and differentiated view on thousands of securities, quickly identify a subset of investment opportunities, and act on them in real time.

GLM Analytics automates the analysis, development, testing, execution and risk management of investment strategies, leveraging a variety of data sources. It combines top down macroeconomic analysis with bottom-up fundamental analysis to identify high-quality securities trading at a discount to their intrinsic value.

Each stock in the universe is assigned an alpha score based on the company’s fundamentals and growth prospects, market dynamics and industry events. Investment opportunities are ranked according to their alpha scores which forms the basis of our buy and sell decisions.


“We believe in win-wins, not unsustainable relationships. We are committed to a business model that prioritizes client success.”


-Andrew Middlebrooks, CEO & CIO


We are active investors, not closet indexers, and we have structured an investment process and environment that enables us to be disciplined, to be patient and to exercise good judgment.

Strong Track Record

Our proprietary analytics platform automates our investment process. Previous incarnations of our quantitative model have consistently outperformed the S&P 500.

Alignment of Interests

Our firm is wholly employee-owned and our leadership team is personally invested alongside our limited partners. We are therefore strongly aligned with the financial interests of our investors.


Our portfolios are unconstrained by geography, market cap, sector, asset class or credit rating. We can “go anywhere” to discover value and generate alpha.

Risk Management

We institute automated risk controls on a daily basis at both the portfolio and position level, including daily stress tests, market change simulations, and setting hard limits.


Our leadership team draws from several years of investing experience to generate alpha for our investors.

Andrew Middlebrooks Photo


Chief Investment Officer/Portfolio Manager

Andrew has been investing since the age of 7 when his father started offering him stocks for his birthday. He purchased Nike for $6.25 and sold it during his senior year of high school for a gain of 710%. Since then, Andrew’s appetite for investing has increased, and he has continually improved and refined his investment strategy and principles. He has diligently translated the lessons he learned over the years into computer algorithms, which ultimately evolved into his proprietary research system called GLM Analytics.Andrew started his career working for a member  of the U.S. House Financial Services Committee. He later worked at Steward Capital Management, a privately held investment management firm based in Michigan, where he was responsible for managing the front, middle and back office operations for their private equity funds. Andrew left SCM in March 2017 to launch EIA, which he seeded with his own capital. He draws from several years of investing experience to build value for our investors.


Managing Partner, Chief Macro Strategist

Prior to joining EIA, Naufal contributed to portfolio management, idea generation, and macro strategy for Li Global Investors LLC, a macro hedge fund in New York City focused on global equities, FX, interest rates, and commodities, with his research helping to secure investments from a renowned family office and fund of funds. Naufal received a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics from the University of Michigan. He served as a Senior Economic Analyst at the University of Michigan’s student-run Maize & Blue Fund. Naufal’s economic research has been quoted in various media platforms, including Bloomberg and Business Insider. He is currently pursuing a Series 3 license from the NFA.

Charles in New York


COO and Head of Research

Charles Chen is a Partner at EIA and joined the firm in 2020 where he leads diligence in equity investments in both the public and private markets. He has been interested in investing from a young age and follows a disciplined value philosophy. Prior to EIA, Charles worked in the Investment Banking Division at J.P. Morgan structuring equity and debt securities for public and private companies. He received a Bachelors degree from New York University where he graduated from in 2015.


Head of Derivatives & Technical Strategy

Brian Yuen was most recently a portfolio manager for First New York, a 35+ yr old proprietary trading / multi-strategy investment firm where he invested in a wide variety of public equities, futures, and options.  Prior to First New York, Brian was a director at Bienville Capital, a multi-billion dollar investment firm with a global macro focus.  Prior to Bienville Capital, Brian was a Vice President at Fir Tree Partners, a global, multi-billion dollar, multi-strategy hedge fund, where he invested in a broad range of public equity investments and private transactions, including commercial and residential real estate, corporate private equity, and renewable energy (helping to build one of the largest private US solar companies). Prior to Fir Tree Partners, Brian was an associate at Marathon Asset Management, a global, multi-billion dollar, credit-oriented hedge fund, in their real estate and private investments group focused on acquisitions and workouts of distressed debt, origination of high-yield loans, and a portfolio of private corporate investments in multi-billion dollar companies in the lodging and industrial real estate industries. Prior to Marathon Asset Management, Brian was an investment banking analyst at Credit Suisse where he worked on a wide range of transactions, including mergers & acquisitions, leveraged buyouts, IPOs, recapitalizations, and restructurings.  Brian started his career as an analyst in Deutsche Bank’s structured finance group where he helped priced residential whole loans and packaged new issue residential mortgage-backed securities. Brian graduated from Rutgers University with a BSc in accounting.


Caroline Chen

Marketing Communications Intern

Caroline Chen is a Marketing Communications Intern at EIA. She joined during the summer of 2020, and creates visual graphics and content for the company’s social media platforms and email campaigns. Caroline is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Communications at the University of Washington-Seattle, and is interested in seeking a career in the Marketing or Public Relations industry. She wants to build strong connections between businesses and clients by utilizing creativity and authenticity in the work that she creates. 

EIA All Weather Alpha Partners is a quantitative hedge fund which invests in mispriced securities with a high value proposition to generate alpha.

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